Thursday, March 4, 2010


March 4, 2010

For the second time in a row, I have a conflict on an Odd Friday (tomorrow), so that I can't host my usual Lanyard Workshop (thus the post title).  I miss all of you and look forward (with extreme prejudice) to seeing you on the 19th of March, for what I hope will be a mondo-big session.  My lanyard board is down to about a dozen in stock, and I can hardly wait to replenish (If any of you bead for me at home, I could use some shiny, spring color lanyards to fill an order that just came in!).

Speaking of replenishing, if you happen to drop in to a bead shop, or Michael's, or Hobby Lobby, or WalMart, or Joann's in the next week or so, please tuck a string of beads into your shopping basket.  The out of town workshops that we did in February have really depleted our stock, especially of accent beads and larger seed beads.  If we all help out a little, we gain a bigger variety and it doesn't cost any one person too much.

Why have I abandoned you, just when you had lanyard-making lust?  My first lady duties call.  As unpleasant as it may look to stay in the Presidential Suite (pictured below is one of the rooms of our five room suite), I feel responsible to support Walter in the last days of his Presidency of the Texas State Historical Association.  

This means that I have to attend a series of receptions, cocktail parties, and other events with rich food and charming company, but I am willing to do the hard work of being the President's wife.  Walter even voluntarily offered to wear his conference ID on one of the Erin's Dream Lanyards that I brought along, which is pretty awesome, because in addition to the ID card with this name and affiliation, his badge has more colored ribbons (indicating various honors and roles) than a Russian general.  Talking about a magnet for extra attention!  Maybe someone will take his picture and I can show you.


  1. Hello. And Bye.

  2. Have a wonderful time! And yes please do!.. take pictures.