Monday, March 1, 2010


March 1, 2010

Willie wanted some entertainment, and our new neighbors seemed happy to provide it. Who are our new neighbors? A pair of peace-loving emus. They browse the local ranch just across the fence behind our dam, scrounging for whatever plants and insects are in season. I don't think they eat dogs, but I'm not sure. While the video I have embedded is not actual footage of our actual neighbors, it does seem to capture their mild-mannered attitude towards the world.

(NOTE: I removed the embedded video because it just caused too many problems. Make sure you click on the link below for maximum laughs.)


Willie noticed their carefree, bon vivant posture and knew in his heart that they would want him to join the filming of their episode of "Dancing with the Emus." So he did.

First, they danced stage left to stage right (as illustrated by Sunday's B.C. comic strip):

Then they danced stage right to stage left:

I never really thought that a bird could run as fast as Willie. But apparently, at least one can. I think the whole episode left both Willie and Mr. Emu wondering. . .

"Do you think dog/emu tastes like chicken?"


  1. We have emu neighbors across the street. Fortunately, our dogs can't see them or we would have the same problem.

  2. my school-issued laptop says the emu video site is "r-rated!" :(