Sunday, June 6, 2010


June 6, 2010

I left you all hanging a couple of weeks ago. I had self-enforced internet silence once I learned who would receive the Erin Buenger Memorial Scholarship. Once we awarded it, I should have written about it, but like many things lately, it didn't bubble to the top of my list. It should have. It was newsworthy, joyfully newsworthy!

Here is the description of the scholarship:

The Jane Long PTO established the Erin Buenger Memorial scholarship to honor the memory and spirit of Jane Long student Erin Buenger. It is awarded to a college-bound senior who attended Jane Long Middle School and who exemplifies the joy, energy, and commitment to others that marked the way Erin lived. her bright red hair, beautiful smile, and zest for living complemented a spirit filled with with passion and wisdom that she shared with everyone she met. This scholarship gives financial support to someone who want to continue her drive to make our world a better safer place for all children to live and succeed in.

The winner of the scholarship met all of these criteria and more. I cried when I read her essay. Not only did she highlight her many accomplishment and wrote eloquently about how she lived as a verb, she also referenced how much Erin had meant to her younger brother, Aaron. I could think of no one else in the Bryan High Class of 2010 that deserved to win this scholarship more than Anne Wunneburger.

Here is the younger brother she referenced:

Here is Aaron A. and Erin E. named such by their first grade teacher to distinguish them when she called on them in the classroom.

If you click here you will find the super treat of the entire Wunneburger Family!

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  1. This is wonderful, Vickie! I love the idea of the scholarship and what it means.


    Kimberly Reeves