Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup--First Match Tomorrow!

June 10, 2010 (2nd entry today)

It probably had more to do with yesterday being a focus on the South African national team, with a parade and fan appreciation event in Sandton, but when we rode in from the airport the roads and even the freeway was lined with supporters.

Since we didn't know about the special celebrations we were a little concerned as we approached the hotel and noticed a huge congregation of folks, including a large number that appeared to be standing on and around a police car bouncing, just like they were in a Joy Jump. You might note that this was a big enough surprise that I didn't whip out the camera fast enough to get a telling photo. This is all that came through. The police seemed to be smiling, so we put our concerns behind us.

I am not going to reveal all of our fan photos yet, but here is a taste:

Our plan is to create a set of brackets and do fan match ups. Over our time here, we will have a tournament where we decide which countries send the most colorful fans. This gives every nation (except perhaps the Danes or the North Koreans) a chance to win off the field, if not on.

Speaking of brackets, Davis and I have completed our brackets, including picking the outcome of every match and predicting the scores:

Here's what we have for you on tomorrow's two games

South Africa v. Mexico

Vickie's pick: Mexico 3-South Africa 2
Davis's pick: Mexico 3-South Africa 1

France v Uruguay

Vickie's pick: France 2-Uruguay 0
Davis's pick: France 2-Uruguay 0

Strange observation of the day: I had never stayed a hotel where a Gideon hadn't already been and left their reminder until I stayed at the Millineum Hotel in Dubai.

While every living South African will likely be watching the match tomorrow, the Buengers are going to Pilanesburg National Park to view the flora, fauna, and scenery.


  1. Hey Vickie!! I did not know you were such a HUGE soccer fan!!

    GO ESPAñA!!!


  2. I have to tell you Vicky and Dave that we KNOW Bafana are going to win today! We reckon 1-0 to Bafana!!!! Enjoy the Pilanesberg!