Tuesday, June 1, 2010


June 1, 2010

Head west, young(ish) woman, someone told me.  So in about a half an hour I am headed about five hours to the west, to Mo Ranch, the place my children say is the happiest place in the world.  Mo Ranch Summer Camp director, Tim Huchton, chose Erin's Dream Lanyards as one of the summer craft projects for the campers.  So today will be a first for me.  I'm going over to train the eighteen counselors how to run workshops for the kids this summer.

Erin went to MO Ranch multiple times, but only once as a summer camper, alone (well, not really alone. One of her besties, Clayton Sue Benson shared every minute of fun with her) without someone else in the family.  This was two Junes ago.  She got to celebrate her birthday there.  

I may cry a river on my way out there, but when I get there I'm going to spend my less-than-twenty-four hours enjoying the setting.  I think I'll stroll out to the ropes course that she was so proud about completing.  I'll need to go and visit the stables and give a pat to Reagan and the other horses (she knew all their names and remembered them every time we visited).  As I meander down the river path, I will know that I am in one of those "thin places" the Irish talk about where the boundary between humans and God thins out enough that you can see that he is there.


  1. What a beautiful sentiment... Go West, Young Woman.

  2. glad you get to go to Mo Ranch and that they'll be doing erin lanyards. maybe next year they'll have migrated east to montreat. :)

    any chance you are going to make it up here this summer to visit your boy? i keep hoping you are. i would say "and i can organize a lanyard party" at first presby, but between the grief and the work, honestly - i'm not up for it.