Friday, June 25, 2010


June 25, 2010

Tune in the KBTX-3 tonight at 6:00 to hear the story about some of Erin's friends who dedicated their thirteenth birthday party to Erin's memory. Here's part of the story:

For many, birthday parties are all about getting gifts.

But for three local teenagers, their celebration was about giving to others, while honoring their friend.

Madison Kothmann, Morgan Livingston, and Jacqueline Handy celebrated their birthdays together earlier this month at Adamson Lagoon in College Station.

But instead of receiving gifts, they asked their guests to donate to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation in honor of Erin Buenger.

Erin died in April 2009 after an 84 month battle with the childhood cancer.

During her short 11 years of life, Erin became a champion and lobbyist for children's cancer research.

The birthday party raised 700 dollars to help find a cure for the deadly disease.

Here are the party goers. So many of these faces are so dear to me.


  1. I want you to know I monologue with Erin 3 times a week, specifically MWF at 4pm and have for almost 1 year now. When I considered a "Let's Do It" mindset for myself I decided to hire a personal trainer and a counselor and try to lose 100 pounds in one year. I ask Erin (and God) for enough fight for 1 more workout w/my CPT every MWF.I am now 11 months and 79 pounds down! I asked Brent to take a pic with my Let's Do It shirt to send to you. A word re:Brent Fritsch, Gold's Gym CS,he is the best person I could have for this, an absolute gift from God. Don't tell him, he'll figure a new way to torture me! If anyone is really serious about getting fit, he is one results oriented dude. Just don't let him get you in a stairwell! Love you guys and welcome home!

  2. What an awesome group of kids that are obviously very wise too!

  3. That's a great welcome home gift! Erin will always inspire many - some who knew her - some who didn't - to look outward and do good for others.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It made me smile and I so needed to today. Erin has been on my mind so very much these days.

    Many hugs,

  5. Erin is still a shining light, a driving force for getting things done :-) These kids are awesome.