Saturday, October 16, 2010


October 16, 2010

I hope all my friends will meet me at The Corner in Northgate next Friday for a special event with Robert Earl Keen and Governor hopeful Bill White. These fliers are downloadable, but I can also mail you the full jpeg if you want.

Early vote starts on Monday and both Bill White and Chet Edwards need your support. Last night in Waco Chet surprised me and Walter when he told a crowd of 600 all about Erin. I'm not sure how any of us (Elaine, Mark, Carmella, and George were also there) made it through his speech. He had to stop and recompose himself more than once, and let's just say I was sure glad I hadn't applied mascara. He ended his speech by telling the crowd how he relied on Erin's example when he faced tough days, knowing that her struggle was so much more than any challenge he faced as a Congressman or on the campaign trail.

And special thanks to Jamie who left a lovely message on the blog recently. Erin fans should pay her a visit on her outpost on the web, Stuck Outside the Box which is exactly where I find myself most of the time!


  1. Aw thanks for mentioning me! Yes, Erin's challenges make almost everything else seem trivial. Its people like her that make me so grateful for every day I have. For myself, and for the days with the people I love. :-)

  2. Wish I could have been there. Any way to get a copy of what he said?