Monday, October 4, 2010


October 4, 2010

Faculty like me don't always get paid during the summer months. Last Friday was my first payday since the first of June.

Don't worry about us. First of all, we are pretty disciplined about saving, and secondly, Walter gets paid every month because he is currently an administrator.

We do cut back some during the summer months and use the credit cards a bit more.

So, when I noticed that Walter's favorite clothing store was having a huge tent sale with 60 and 70% off suits, sports coats, and some of their nicest items, I pulled in.

I thought Walter deserved a little treat. The summer has been tough around A&M. Too many budget cuts. Too few options. Headaches. Endless meetings. Limp leadership. People's jobs on the line.

I went in looking for Lew, who has outfitted Walter for years. It turns out Lew moved to Houston to be nearer his grandkids. An admirable move, but one that helped me not at all. The new owner, Harley, came out and offered his assistance. I explained that I didn't think I could shop without Lew. He chose all of Walter's clothes, freeing up Walter to choose all of my clothes.

Harley asked a bunch of questions about Walter's height, weight, shape, and tastes, then started pulling items off the rack. I was attracted to one jacket, but it was pretty bold--cashmere with a lavender and a bright blue stripe embedded in the pattern. I felt like a "little treat" wouldn't be quite that daring nor quite that pricey (even on sale). I picked a jacket that looked similar to the one Walter had just bought me for my birthday last month, on the theory that we could almost be twinsies if we wore them at the same time.

I had it partially right. Not partial twinsies, but exact twinsies. But not with me.

Friday evening, I excitedly waited for Walter to appreciate my thoughtfulness. I happened to be walking the Willie when he got home. He met us on the road as we returned and asked about the jacket in the living room. He didn't seem that excited.

It turns out, I got him a jacket he already had (I'm thinking, "No wonder I thought he might like it."). Doh.

That little mistake actually helped me out with my Christmas shopping. On Saturday, after I left for soccer, Walter returned the replica jacket. Apparently, Harley took me at my word that I was depending on him to get to know Walter, so I would have a clue about Christmas gifts and Walter's January birthday. He helped Walter pick out the cashmere jacket, two pair of complementary (not complimentary) slacks, two shirts, and three ties. Walter told me I could pick them up in a couple of weeks after their alterations and hide them so he would forget about them. Then I can wrap them for Christmas.

I think I'm set for my shopping for a while, at least for Walter.

Since I have just revealed that I don't have the sense not to buy my very own husband a duplicate gift, it will surprise no one that I can't get my days straight either.

You may remember last week that I let the first odd Friday of the month slip up on me (and past me) without scheduling a lanyard workshop. To make up for it, and in honor of the Crosstown Showdown between Bryan High and A&M Consolidated, I will host the Crosstown Beaddown Lanyard Workshop this Friday, October 8. I'm going to order tamales from Maria's tamales so that anyone that needs to go to the game can stop in, bead a lanyard, and have a bite to eat before they leave for the game. See you there.


  1. The final transition into your mother is now complete....

  2. This about the clothes shopping made me laugh and reread it and laugh again.

    I am still reminded of Erin by something almost daily.--Janice Pinney