Friday, October 22, 2010


October 22, 2010

Here is Walter's letter to the editor in The Eagle this morning:

A good man who has done a fine job

Chet Edwards deserves the vote of every citizen of the 17th Congressional District - not because of how he did or did not vote on the high-profile issues that received so much play in the media, but for the multitude of steps he has taken on behalf of all of us in the district.

Here are just three examples.

* He secured funding for 12 new, efficient, clean-fuel buses to replace an aging fleet and improve the mobility of those dependent on public transportation to get to work.

* He supported an increase in Pell Grants so that less well-off students can afford to attend places like Texas A&M.

* He helped pass the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act so that fewer children have to die long before their time.

These may be small things to some. Yet they make up 90 percent of what a representative does, and they vastly improve the lives and provide greater opportunity for success, prosperity, and good health for all of us.

Contrast Chet with his opponent, Bill Flores, a Houston millionaire who came to our district to buy a trophy seat in Congress, who will tell any lie and stoke any irrational fear to satisfy his latest whimsy.

Ask the many who have met him and they will agree, Chet is a good man who has done a fine job serving his district. He identifies with those with everyday problems, and he has earned our vote.

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