Sunday, October 10, 2010

Laugh and Appreciate

October 10, 2010

So I missed starting this post at exactly 10:10 this morning or this evening, so I won't even pursue the multiple 10 date/time theme which I first explored on Cinco de Mayo in 2005 and then again on August of 2008 right before we learned of Erin's progression that led us down the path with no return.

Instead, let me share a couple of things.

Here's the laugh (courtesy of my friend Jimmie) in celebration of my post about tucking in or out.

The appreciation is to my long-time friend and hero, Raymond, who has talent beyond imagination. Both he and his Poppy carry heavy health burdens--Raymond carrying the strains of neuroblastoma survival and long-term effects and his Poppy with various serious health concerns that bounce him in and out of the hospital.

Raymond is an outstanding advocate for neuroblastoma and has been since he was a very young man. He has honored Erin by placing her at the top of his annual Kid's Cancer Tree. If you visit his site you will see scores of beautiful young people who need your support and prayers and many who have left behind families who also need your support and prayers. Raymond also runs a huge annual toy drive that you can read about and help fund if you click over. Here's his appeal:

Please Help me buy new toys this Christmas for a play room in a hospital or clinic for cancer kids and other sick kids. click the paypal button [on the Kid's Cancer Tree] to donate. If you have a new toy you wish to donate email me. Or you can donate a new toy to a pediatric hospital playroom in your area if you wish to help a local hospital to you. To see previous success, click here. If you wish to send a check then follow directions here: send a check through the mail payable to: Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund - 333 Lancaster Avenue - #414 Wynnewood, PA 19096. Checks go to Cancer Research, my toy fund is not set up to accept checks. Other donation choices are on the Kids Cancer Tree spring/summer page. Click Here


  1. Hi Vickie! Hope you are all very very well! Just wanted to pop in and say hello and to tell you Erin looks beautiful at the top of the tree! Have a wonderful week ahead God Bless lots of love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

  2. Hysterical cartoon!...may I steal it?

    And kudos to Raymond... what a wonderful caring person, just like you.

  3. I just read about Erin for the first time today and just want to not-be-a-lurker. She seems like an amazing person and I wish I could have met her! :) Your whole family is so strong.