Thursday, October 14, 2010

Match or Not

October 14, 2010

Following on the theme of "Vickie really has acted like a doofus lately," I will confess to having issues on Tuesday.

I finally had a normal sleep cycle on Monday night (or so I thought) after accumulating sleep debt for several days. I did my usual routine: dog walk, coffee, newspaper, breakfast, shower. I decided I needed to wear the kicky black-themed jacket my mom gave me for my birthday. I pulled on black pants, found a contrasting blouse, black socks, and black loafers before slipping into my jacket (and yes, I remembered undergarments).

I taught well, back-to-back classes discussing some momentous decision Boeing had to make at some point. I made it to my office for office hours, first stopping for a bathroom break. I noticed I wasn't wearing a belt, but then remembered that my black pants didn't require a belt.

Finally, after I had visited with a couple of students, responded to some emails, and checked my news feeder, I noticed my sartorial FAIL. Blue pants.

Not hideous, just doofus-y. Since I purposefully chose a contrasting blouse, I now found myself in an outfit that nothing matched at all (well, almost. My socks did match my shoes.). Unfortunately, I also failed to achieve that stylish mismatched look either, since everything I had on was fairly similar. Just similar enough to look like I had tried to match, but somehow couldn't quite pull it off. And, of course, I had no belt on pants that obviously require a belt and the right belt might have pulled it all together.

Oh well, since my third class was so focused on the exam I gave, I doubt they noticed my pitiful wardrobe choices, or if they did were too polite to mention it.

I am, however, left wondering about Walter. He is usually my last line of defense against clothing blunders. Perhaps he needs a check up?


  1. Your story reminded me of the morning I wore two different shoes. One was a plain white sneaker and the other sneaker had the famous blue swish on it. I was a young undergraduate and quite horrified by the mistake. There was no one around to notice in the early hours at the computer lab, but later I sat on one of my feet throughout the poly sci class. If it happened today, I'm not sure if I'd care.... (And I'd be surprised if Gary noticed!) -- Erin

  2. Hi Vickie!

    I made the mistake of wearing navy pants that looked black to my tired eyes one morning, only to realize later that they were woefully mismatched from the rest of my attire. I tried to stay behind my desk as much as possible that day!

    I've been thinking alot about you and Erin lately. We still talk about her often, smiling at the cute and funny things we remember and drawing inspiration from her spunk and courage. We seem to have a hard time making it to the workshops, but would like to make some lanyards from home and bring them to you. What colors/sizes/themes do you need most right now?


    Kimberly Reeves