Thursday, October 11, 2012


October 11, 2012

Really, who can resist posting if the date is 10/11/12?

And while we are at it, what IS the point of dog ownership?

I have three dogs.  They were never completely free-range dogs, but for many years they enjoyed various forms of freedom--sniffing the bushes while their human companion stood to the side pondering  her own thoughts and dreams, snoozing in the sun-dappled spaces of the back yard while she pulled weeds, loping across the dam and through the uninhabited parts of the lake property knowing that she was trailing in their wake.  I've (mostly) enjoyed freewheeling with them on their adventures.

That has all changed.

I still have three dogs.  I would still enjoy a little roving.  That option is currently off the table,

Uma has been under hospice watch since May.  She doesn't wander much because she can barely walk.  She is on a massive twice daily dose of diuretic to help with her congestive heart failure and the fluid build up from her hemangiosarcoma, which means she drinks like a sailor and pees like a fire hose.  Consequently, she spends a lot of time alone in the bathroom where her leakiness does less harm.

Willie did something unspeakably bad in the neighborhood last week and is under strict house arrest and can only venture outside with a guard and shackles (leash).

Teddy injured her back on Monday or Tuesday.  Her vet insists on crate confinement until she heals.

So, if you can't stride across the landscape in October with your dogs darting about and bringing you back news of fragrant bunnies and loamy adventure possibilities, what is the point of dog ownership?


  1. What I did when my Dachshund had to be crated for 8 weeks was put wheels on the bottom of the crate, attached a leash, and pulled her around the yard. We would just sit and talk and enjoy the outdoors.

  2. They are still good for snuggling, and assorted indoor laughs. How Willie was sentenced to house arrest sounds like a really good story for your blog readers. (please).

  3. So sorry, Vickie. It's tough to watch 'em suffer, AND it's tough when they do the "bad stuff" in spite of all our wonderful "parenting." I too have a strong-willed dog! But at least you can still love on them and give them noogies. My co-worker's dog just died Thursday, so I'm squeezing my Star extra-hard right now. Take care.