Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm Overwhelmed

November 9, 2007

I just checked Erin's Giving Tree, and Erin Fans have already decorated with 194 ornaments. This amazes and humbles me! Thank you so much. Lunch for Life is such an awesome way to support research. It is run by families of children with neuroblastoma (and you thought I did a lot with my little cache of spare time). Here's where your lunch money goes:

  • ALL funds raised through "Lunch for Life®" go directly to support neuroblastoma research and initiatives.
  • Funds are dispersed through a grant review process and funding decisions are based on the direction of the CNCF’s Medical Advisory Board. (This board is an independent and organizationally diverse group of neuroblastoma specialists and researchers committed to hastening a cure.)
  • Lunch for Life® is entirely about removing this horrible disease from the face of this earth. It is about speeding up the process.
  • Lunch for Life® is about saving children's lives.
It is simple. We are an organized group of families with children, grandchildren, friends, and relatives afflicted by cancer. Our only goal is to erradicate this disease. Our children may or may not benefit from this research. A cure may not come in time for many of our little warriors. But we can keep other families from walking in our shoes and we can keep other children from entering into the world of neuroblastoma. It is for these reasons that we are committed to finding the cure. We have no desire to fund expensive marketing campaigns. We are committed to finding a cure. It is about the children.

I feel privileged to count you all among Erin's special friends and supporters. If you feel like you can, please give up lunch for Erin
. Do it as a way to kick back and celebrate Veteran's Day. Or wait a couple of weeks and make it part of your Thanksgiving ritual. Do it for Advent or the Festival of Lights or Kwanzaa or as your personal Ramadan. Pick a day. Have a big breakfast. Skip lunch. Send the money to Lunch for Life. Think about doing that once a month. Ask your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to join you. If you can't bear the thought of missing a meal, eat and donate anyway.


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  1. Vickie:

    Quick Note... I was checking out the Erin Pics page and some of the links give an error. In fact, 2 of the very bottom 3 pictures error out. Just thought you might want to know...