Sunday, January 22, 2006

Owl Girl, Sans Feathers


We now have a week of oral etoposide under our belt (behind Erin's belt?).  So far, so good.  She has not needed zofran (high dollar anti-barfie medicine).  Her blood counts on Thursday held their own.  No strange allergic reactions. 

Those of you who see her regularly may remember that Erin had sprouted a little fuzz towards the end of last fall that she had kept over a couple of cycles of IV chemo.  I thought those proto-locks had put down a beachhead, and that the switch to oral medicine would allow a quick fill in, and voila, hair.  Oh well, so much for bright ideas.  Hair loss always lags three or four weeks behind chemo.  It seems that the last round of topless cyclone blew the top off of Erin's budding hair.  Oh well, back to square one.  Now we will really be able to see how well her hair does with the new regimen.

Those of you who take the local paper (you know the one whose motto is "don't try to train a puppy using the Monday or Tuesday edition") may have seen the story about Erin's art work "Owl Girl" in last Thursday's Spotlight.  I think the rest of you can see it (without the photo) if you visit  We really appreciate the volunteers that make programs like this possible and also send special thanks to the Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley for sponsoring the traveling exhibit and to Greg Okuhara and The Eagle for covering the story so well.

Well, I'm going to fly now.  Davie B.'s show is still on, and you know my generation.  We're not the best at multitasking.

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