Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Owl Girl


I haven't heard much on Monday's scans, but I'll take what we've got:

E-mail from Heidi Russell--Erin's bone scan is good.  Her CT scan hasn't been read yet, but I don't see any obvious change or new tumors.

We head back to Houston tomorrow afternoon for blood counts and a physical.  The doc has to see Erin face-to-face before she can write orders for the next round of chemo.  I should know more then about whether she thinks this combo's usefulness is playing out and possibly what will happen next.  For now, we are satisfied that Erin feels well and looks good, and that this damned disease is not ruining our lives.

It looks like Erin might get another extension on her 15 minutes of fame clock.  You may or may not have heard of Texas Children's Hospital's Arts in Medicine program.  Every year The Periwinkle Foundation selects art and creative writing done by pediatric cancer patients from around the world and display them prominently in the hospital.  Erin's "Owl Girl", created late last summer with the hope that Davis would be going to school next year right by "her" hospital, was selected as one of the Blue Ribbon pieces.  Much to our surprise a subset of the exhibit is traveling around the state, and its current stop is here at the Brazos Valley Children's Museum.  For those of you with dial up, it may be quicker to drive downtown and see "Owl Girl" in person.

The Vikings played their second scrimmage yesterday with Davis starting and playing every minute of the game at stopper, or the position that Erin and her friends call raptor.  They seemed to have gotten over the problems they had with the off-side trap last Friday night, scoring 4 with a hat trick by Javie to Huntsville's 2.  Davis has had nagging lower back issues which don't bother him as long as he stays warm and stretched out (not usually a problem during the game with 80 consecutive minutes of high-intensity soccer).  After the game he was pretty creakity and had to comandeer Walter's chair (you know. . .the manly green leather recliner with built in back-massage).  No greater love hath a man than to allow his son the primo spot in the house.

I am taking reservations now for drop by visits at the Central Texas Cancer Center next week.  Hope to see you then.

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