Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apologies All Around

March 11, 2009

I don't ordinarily complain a lot, mainly because it does no good and it's annoying. That's said, here is a one sentence complaint: I don't think it's fair that a respiratory virus with extreme prejudice--fatigue, appetite suppression, and diarrhea, as well as a super abundance of snot and coughing--has chosen Erin as its current repository.

Over the weekend, when this developed, we just blamed everything on seasonal allergies (everyone else in the Brazos Valley has a runny nose and cough, so why shouldn't Erin have her share?). This means that now we owe dozens of people apologies for exposing them to something that is probably contagious.

For instance, if Aunt Jan doesn't come down with it having gone cheek to cheek with Erin for this staged photo, I'll really be surprised:

A wider net of apology goes to the thirty or more kids (and their parents) who gathered at the church on Sunday evening. The youth group sponsored a game night for Erin and the Older Elementary Fellowship, just to cheer her up. I put a slideshow of some of the activities (Wii, Rock Band, Apple-to-Apples, Pictionary, basketball, pizza, ice cream, etc.) on the sidebar to the left (for those of you, like me, who struggle to see small things, you can click on the image to make the photos larger).

Walter and I took advantage and snuck out with friends to the Brauhaus for a bite. Erin had a great time, despite feeling yucky, and we really appreciate how the older kids made the evening so special. They are a great group and I'm proud to know them.

Because of her virus, Erin hasn't made it back to school this week. We did have a nice stop by by some of her buddies (Jackson, Noah, and Colton) after school yesterday. She was not that engaged, but they were all cheerful and full of energy so it was fun for me at least. I guess I needed a break from that mom-service role. You know, "Mom, I need to blow my nose," "Mom, I'm thirsty," "Mom, I'm bored. Read to me."

On top of the virus, Erin counts are headed towards the ditch (radiation plus chemo)

HGB 8.5 (look for a transfusion later in the week)
WBC 1100 (very lowl)
ANC 900 (school would be iffy even if she felt better)
PLT 16,000 (once again, no sharp knive or throwing rocks at her)

This morning, Erin woke up with a screaming headache (hemoglobin?). Despite that, we made it to the next to last radiation session. She feels better now and is trying to teach Moo (my mother) gaming on the Wii. We also think she is edging in the right direction on throwing off the virus. Yesterday, she became interested in food again She nibbled lightly on a variety of things, most notably chips and queso and an avacado taco from Gina's. Once her appetite returns, I will start packing the calories on.


  1. I agree with you - it is completely fair, and ridiculous! I would have gladly taken this one for erin. If only it worked that way...

  2. I really hate to hear this! Sure hope it runs it's course very soon.
    Truly makes me feel guilty that I have not been sick in forever. Hang in there Erin and family...thinking of you so often!