Monday, March 30, 2009

Fart Est

March 30, 2009

I made you wait today because something needed my attention. End-of-month bills. Including the last tuition installment of the academic year for Davis (Yes, I am smiling and planning what I will do with next month's cushion). It also took me some considerable amount of time to upload the disk of photos from yesterday's big event at the Lady Aggie soccer match into the slide show you see to the left bar. I'm not entirely through yet, but I'm tired of waiting so I will add shots as they become available.

Erin had a rather big weekend. We rolled into Friday with a visit from our dear, sweet Uncle Dave and Aunt Norma. Then the Wunneburgers and Ms. Radencic came by and Wii'd and bead'd. Aunt Kat rounded out the crew.

On Saturday we got the board games going: both Apples to Apples and Taboo.

And I guess I need to explain the title of the post. When my sisters and I were little, my mom would distract us in the car by having us play a game where we would look for road signs that had interesting, hmm, potential for a game we would play. It required switching the first letters of the words in the sign, so that Speed Limit becomes Leed Spimit. Can you guess what a Fart Est is?

That's right. The various schools in Bryan's district had their annual Art Fest. Erin had two pencil drawing displayed (I think Ms. Morris had hoped to put in Erin's perspective drawing, but sadly it remains in the studio, unfinished).

Sunday we got to entertain our favorite Congressman, Chet Edwards, who came to town to watch the Aggies play baseball (yeah 6-5 over Kansas).

We all wish we could have joined all our friends and Erin Fans in the Lady Aggies win over TCU. I can not help but get choked up over how much trouble everyone went to to honor Erin. The Aggies have never worn something other than their official uniform in a game. And the TCU team added to the spirit of the game by adding green laces to their shoes. Thanks to everyone involved, from the planners to the fans to those of you in far-flung places who wore green in solidarity! Special thanks to Lisa V. who originated the scheme, to Coach G. who made it possible, to the Barretts who organized the fund drive for Lunch for Life, and to Terri G. who took all the fab photos! You can view some other great action shots of the Lady Aggies at play at this link.

Most of you may want a little Erin health information. The biggest news to report is that Erin finally got over the nasty virus and started eating again about a week ago. You can see that she is still exceptionally thin, but she's has really picked up the pace and eats three (small) meals every day plus snacks. We will check counts tomorrow and see where we stand there. Otherwise, the last six days have been a steady improvement in spirit, energy, and activity.


  1. What great pictures!!! You had to be so proud!

    Oh, and the art work! Wow, Erin draws much better than I do at 39!

    Glad to hear she is eating better. I've been very worried.

    Lots of love from the big D!

  2. YAY!!!... so good to hear of improvement. I can breathe again. You go, girl :-)

  3. Oh, I bet Erin is a real hoot to play Apples to Apples with. With that sense of humor, I can only imagine the explanations and justifications she comes up with:) If only I wasn't like a thousand miles away!

  4. Oh, and by the way, Erin... I draw too.. and have never done such a beautiful tree.. great job.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that your appetite has picked up and that yo u are gaining some strength.

    Your artwork is amazing! You are truly talented.

    We had Gina's deliver for an event at work today, and can you guess what Hector and I began talking about? About you, Erin, of course! You have so many people rooting for you and thinking about you everywhere!


    The Reeves

  6. Great update. So happy that Erin is eating and improving in spirits and energy. She is a wonderful artist, wish I could draw that well! Soccer pics are wonderful. Go Erin!

  7. YES for improvement on the virus/appetite front!!! Also, I love Erin's Obama/Biden tshirt - I have a similar one! Erin's artwork is beautiful, I'm totally impressed!

    AND... I got my beautiful lanyard, it arrived here so quickly after I told you which one! It's so beautiful, and I have been showing it off nonstop! I'm super excited because next year I will be doing my internship at Brenner's Children's Hospital (hopefully!) in the Child Life Department, so I really hope that I get to have an ID card that I can attach to it!!!!

    You guys are the best - and you are constantly in my thoughts. Keep getting STRONGER Erin !!


  8. So happy to hear things are on the upswing. Hoping for continued good news!

  9. I am so glad Erin is eating better and feeling better!
    Her art work is wonderful. It reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe.
    I am thinking of you.

  10. 1. We drove to Destin for Spring Break and my friend told us about the "first letter switch" game. We all thought she was crazy...never heard of that one. Isn't crazy how once you hear something for the first time you hear about it again very soon. You can imagine how the game went as we drove through all of those crazy Louisiana towns.

    2. Had so much fun wearing green to the game on Sunday. The city canceled all of the adult soccer games because of "wet fields" but really I think it was for Erin. I saw lots of people that play on the adult Sunday league wearing green at the Aggie game! What a treat :)

  11. We are SO Glad to hear of Erin's improvements! We wore green here in the woodlands/houston on Sunday.

    Pretty pictures!

    Looks like you are having some amazing times. Have you read Hugo Cabret? It was on the Bluebonnet List this year and it got Elle's Vote!

    Love, Lara and fam...

  12. I can only draw stick figures with giant round heads!! Way to go Erin! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Mikey says hi hi!

  13. GO ERIN GO!!! i was getting a little frustrated seeing that you weren´t eating, We moms have a hard time when our kids stop doing that so I am sure your mom was starting to go a little insane!
    Glad to see your feeling better, and still smileing!
    Wishing you the best,
    Talita Calebs mom