Thursday, March 26, 2009

Green Tornados

On Sunday, March 29, at 2:30 at the Lady Aggie Soccer Complex, the Aggies have an exhibition soccer game against TCU. Erin's soccer team, the Mystic '97 are going to be the ball girls. Both the Aggies and the Mystic will be wearing green tornado socks in honor of Erin, whose favorite color is green.

If you love good soccer (even in the off season), if you love to support the Aggies, if you love to wear green, if you want to be an Erin fan, put on your green and go to the soccer complex on Sunday. Look for other Aggie fans wearing green. Someone will be there to take your group picture.

In other Erin news:

We got the Wii going last night, and Sam and Tori from the Mystic '97 came over to test it out and to contribute to the lanyard effort. Davis and Erin's cousin Mark even jumped in to cow ride, pop bubbles, and shoot nine ball. Davis had come home to borrow one of the cars for a while, so we really had a full and happy house.

We finished The Last Treasure this morning and Erin recommends it highly. By the last fifty pages we were racing through it, not even pausing and doing little chores between chapters. This afternoon we got the beading going again (Heidi, if you are reading, Erin is holding the lanyard she made for you.)

Now there is a hot scrabble game going. Believe it or not, Erin started this game by emptying her whole tray and using all her tiles (for non-scrabble fans that gets you a fifty point bonus, plus your letters) on her first turn: D-I-G-N-I-T-Y. Coincidentally, she started our last game together the same way, using all her tiles to spell N-O-T-A-B-L-E.


  1. Erin, I just wanted to say hi and tell you I have been missing you these past few weeks. I'm glad to see you are still beading. I will be at the Aggie game and I will dress my daughter and I in green.

  2. Erin, the Barrett's will be at the Soccer game wearing green. I would love to have you whip me at Scrabble, haven't played in years!
    Love ya Erin!

  3. It made me smile big to see Erin's beautiful smile in those pictures! Green is now my new favorite color.

    Tiffany is reading over my shoulder and says a big hello and sends a big hug.

    Kimberly Reeves

  4. Erin, I love your pink cap! And I love your smile, too!

  5. I'm going to read The Last Treasure. If Erin recommends it, it must be good!

    I'm also inspired to wear green even though I'm not a big soccer fan, I'm an Erin fan.

    I'm thinking of you always.

    Tryphena Williams

  6. Those socks would have gone perfectly with my St. Patrick's Day outfit! I would love to come and read to you and bead sometime. I can read pretty fast, even out loud. Let me know when you have a free day, and I'll be there. Love you, Laura

  7. She makes her scrabble words like she lives her life-with notable dignity! Quite the girl you have there!


  8. Hi there, Erin (and family). It would be a mighty long drive for me to be in Texas on Sunday, but I will be wearing green and thinking of you. Actually, I think of you often even when I am not wearing green.

  9. Erin,

    So good to see that smile again. I will wear green all day Sunday in your honor. I will also try to be at the soccer game.

    Love ya,
    Jo Anne(Moo's wingwoman)

  10. Hey Erin,
    I love stoping by to read about whats going on with you and see you beautiful smile...
    Hope your spirts are high and that your team wins, We here in Brasil will wear Greem in order to remember you!
    Have fun and good reading
    Ohh by the way... Have did you ever reed the Politicly Correct Fary Tailes? Its great, look into to it I think you´ll like it...
    Love from Brasil
    Talita Caleb mom

  11. We obviously will not be there but we will be wearing green and Evelyn will be so excited as that is also her favorite color.

  12. Hi Erin!
    We miss you at school a lot! We probably won't make it to the soccer game:( but we will try to stop by after school next week!! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love Sandy, Tommy, Walter, and Anja

  13. erin, et. al -
    just popping in to say - if i were going to an aggie (utah state, that is) game i'd wear green even though our colours are blue and white. i *will* be wearing a green scarf at a baptism on saturday, the coffee house today and church on sunday. i hope it's sunny and warm in southern aggie-ville. it's rather cold (though sunny) up here in northern aggie-ville.

    brooke, logan, ut.

  14. Erin,

    I'm sure you've heard of Billy Graham, he has a daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, and she does different that I hope to be at in September at my good ol' alma mater just down the road from you guys in Waco, is called Just Give Me Jesus...

    If you have a minute, and want to see what it's all about, here's a promotional video link to it:

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy the game in green tomorrow :)


  15. Hi Erin -
    I will be at the game tomorrow decked out in green. It is my favorite color, too. Remember how I always loved that dress you would wear to Sunday School sometimes? That particular shade is my favorite.
    Matt, Jack and I pray for you every night. You are thought of and loved by many!
    ~Kim Miller

  16. Can't wait to see some pics of the big green game! We wore green and thought of Erin.

    I'm hoping she's feeling well this morning.

    Lots and lots of love,
    Lara and family

  17. Thoughts and prayers for Erin.

  18. Does Erin have the computer game "Super Text Twist"? If she likes Scrabble, then she would like it.

  19. Erin, I'm so glad your Aunt Kat got to spend some treasured time with you this weekend. I always smile when she talks about you because it's obvious what a wonderful (and beloved) young lady you are. Awesome job on Dignity and Notable, you must be a formidable Scrabble player. Please know that your Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church family loves you and is praying.

  20. Erin,

    I saw that someone mentioned "Super Text Twist" above. I've played that game, too, and it really is fun.

    I'm thinking about you today and sending you a gentle hug :)

    Tiffany and Kaleigh also wanted me to send big hello's to you the next time I was on your blog, so here are their hellos...

    Love and prayers,

    Kimberly Reeves

  21. hi erin, et. al. just popping in to let you know - will make the full $20.00 donation i promised for the lanyard in a couple of days -> 1 april. i hope all is sunny and warm in your neck of the woods.. though i suspect that if you got the snow we got yesterday and last night you'd enjoy it far more than i am! (tired of snow!) it is beautiful, but i'm looking forward to a green cache valley where i can get on my bike and not have to worry about ice patches on the roads. anyhow - as usual - y'all continue to be in my prayers, and i think about you often during my days.

  22. Hi Erin - today Mike bought a pair of GREEN soccer shorts to practice in... suddenly that's cool :-) Hope you're feeling better, thinking of you always - the Milanos