Sunday, September 12, 2010


September 12, 2010

Friends all over the country have done a much better job calling awareness to Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. There was even a letter in my local paper today, AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO WRITE IT. Even President Obama outdid me, signing a proclamation last Thursday:

I'm going to do my part this Friday and jump back into the lanyard game with both feet. I know that Bryan High has an in-town football game (come early and you can still make kick-off), but Rudder's game is out of town and Consol has an off week. A&M is in-town against Florida International, but that still frees your Friday afternoon/evening up for fun and friendship.

It has been way too long since I have spent time with my beading friends. What better way to to spend time than to do something you like that creates beauty and also does good in the world?

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  1. Nice Proclamation!
    Thanks for posting - I'm going to repost on Hansjourney soon!