Tuesday, September 14, 2010


September 14, 2010

Recycle. Reduce. Re-Use. The mantra of the greenies.

And here is a new idea that does all three, while highlighting red, white, and, uh, blush:

With this self-service wine vending machine, you can reduce individual wine packaging by reusing and recycling containers. Bring your own resealable container, then select your vintage and pump. This handy meters keeps track:

Then you print and pay. Eliminating packaging is not only greener in an ecologic sense. It is also greener in a monetary sense. Cheaper shipping is passed on to the buyer with lower prices. You can read the complete story at Dr. Vino's blog.

This whole story leads me to think about what the ideal container to bring home wine in would be. It would have to be re-sealable and big enough, but not too big. What would you use?


  1. I'd just stick my head under the spigot and pour it in my mouth - or bring old screw top wine bottles. But to be honest if you are going to go 'green' on wine you may as well go all the way and make your own vs. drinking a substandard vintage served via a hand pump into a old milk containers.

  2. So cool!! I'd probably buy a bottle of wine that has a screw-top and then just reuse it!