Monday, September 27, 2010

Mother (yes, it's a verb)

September 27, 2010

I'm pretty sure I could get used to flying first class. Even if I couldn't get used to it, I would like to try. I don't even have any bad stories to tell about our flights to and from Columbus. We were relatively on time with relatively good weather and relatively good connections. I did draw two seats out of four legs of our flights that did not recline (if that's what the two inch tilt on an economy seat really amounts to). This is not a whine-fest though. I just don't really like flying anymore. No fear. No complaints about loud, unruly, or obnoxious fellow passengers. Just the realization that flying coach doesn't trump driving somewhere in my barcalounger-like mini van with sat radio.

As best I can tell, Columbus is a lot like Bryan, in that it has a Kroger, a Target, a Lowe's, and an Ashley's Furniture Store and tens of thousands of young adults without supervision. Davis's apartment there is his first (except the one he stayed in in Budapest, which was just a mile or two beyond my motherly reach). His place is only about 500 square feet, so we had to be careful about what we purchased (Notice no trips to Sam's? Storage is an impossibility.).

We managed to stock a decent, though compact pantry and pick up some cleaning implements so that he can maintain the place. We also filled the white board with to do lists a couple of times and managed to cross off most of the chores. I left one for him to do after we left (lower right hand corner).

I also made a cute little weather chart along the top of the white board so he would know he needed to carry an umbrella (if he actually owned one) when he left for class this morning.

I kept thinking that 500 square feet was small, but for Davis it was big enough to hold a full-sized foosball table, a queen-sized bed, and a desk made from a narrow door and that was big enough. Ruby has taken to the apartment, as well. I think this is the first time she has ever gotten to hang out in a grad student's pad.

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  1. LOL.. did the foosball table come with the apartment or did you actually have that shipped??...