Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving and Thinking

September 21, 2010

It's Tuesday, September 21, and it's time to play, "Whatcha Up To?"

For me it has included:

  • (Wednesday) resuming the School for Christian Living on Wednesday nights at First Presbyterian Church. We will go "In Search of Paul."
  • (Thursday) making my coaching debut against my former trainer Elvis (my current trainer Wally traveled with the A&M women's team to Portland). We lost 1-0 (my team and the Aggies).
  • (Friday) hosting beading with my lovely friends. Boy they do beautiful work!
  • (Saturday) spending the morning touring possible venues for a Bill White/Robert Earl Keen event (I hope to see you at The Corner at 6:00 on Friday October 22), and spending the afternoon doing much-needed weeding in the iris bed and now wishing I had seen the poison ivy before I grabbed it.
  • (Sunday) marching the the Fiestas Patrias parade and shepherding one last house party (number 15).
  • (Monday) mailing lanyards, doing office work, and mixing with the beautiful people of the Microplex at a fundraiser. I also added in a date night with Walter.
  • (Tuesday) oil change, committee meetings, plus teaching.
Of course, these are all add ons to the usual business of the day. At least part of the time in the last week I have been contemplating the bathroom (and why is it called a bathroom if there are no bathing facilities?) around the corner and down the hall from my office. It is a quite lovely public facility although not as practical as these better options. It has a little vestibule with a couch-y kind of thing, presumably from back in the day when women became indisposed and their bosses wanted them to be able to lounge about for a bit before they got back to the filing (instead of clocking out and heading home).

That's not the point I have been pondering. We have a number of stalls. That's also not the point I have been pondering.

We have eight sinks, all in a row, about ten yards worth. The only place there is a hand soap is to the left of the first sink and to the right of the last sink. Paper towels are even further to the left and right. Basically, no one uses three-quarters of the sinks because they would have to collect soap, commute, wash, rinse, then commute back to the towel area.

Why make the investment? Seriously.

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  1. The women's restroom closest to SO's office at UPenn has a row of urinals mounted to the wall.

    Some helpful woman, bless her, has hung a sign that reads something like, "YES! THIS IS A LADIES' RESTROOM!"