Thursday, September 2, 2010


September 2, 2010

I sagged a little under the weight of August. It's not that I'm unaccustomed to the heat. That I can tolerate. And I don't mind resuming soccer practice or prepping for the start of the semester. You will never find me complaining about raising money for pediatric cancer, so the various showings we had for our lanyards that netted more than $2500 the last couple of weeks and the fantastic NB Fun Run in Cypress that cleared $10,000 were high on my list of "Must Dos." The dozen house parties I shepherded and attended in August were among the most important things I have ever done in my life, and even with at least three more pending in September, I do not begrudge a single moment they took. Whence the sag? Well, it's not because I've shed so many pounds that my belt no longer holds up my pants. I think it is accumulated sag. Just a bit too much here and a bit too much there.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to become a recovering sagger. The first casualty of the sag was my robust online life. I am hoping to return to form quickly with more ppw (posts per week) and more lpp (laughs per post).

I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can suspend the sag.


  1. okay - I admit - I was 'almost' worried about you b/w Aug 17 and Aug 27...10 days w/o post! i figured you were busy! I don't think you ever complain about a thing, do you?

  2. No, she never does complain...and she has a few good reasons to.

    Vickie .. you deserve a good sag now and then, take the time to sag and smell the roses :-)

    You truly amaze me with all that you give of yourself, to so many people, causes, life.

    You rock. Sag and all.

  3. Your sister is here for you, if you need propping up during your saggy times! I love you and so does your niece Emma!

  4. looking very forward to them vicky! sending you lots of hugs from south africa!!!

  5. Hoping you get a chance to take a breath. You are amazing with all you do.