Thursday, September 23, 2010


September 23, 2010

When I told Davis I would send him pie, I thought I would go down to one of his favorite pie places (Must Be Heaven or Readfields), place an order, fill in his address, pay the bill, then get all the credit for being a fabulous mom. It turns out that shipping pie from a local place costs about ten times as much as carry out. So I moved to Plan B. The Interweb, of course.

For my birthday (and to celebrate his first class day, and to encourage him in his qualifying exams, and to have something to snack on when I visit him tomorrow), I found a local company: Delightful Cakes that would do a strawberry pie for him. Though I haven't tasted the pie yet, I would love to endorse this company. Not only did they still have fresh strawberries. . . Not only did they offer free delivery. . .Not only did they deliver the pie EXACTLY (within three minutes) when they said they would (Davis had only a very small window when he could be home yesterday), but Sandra offered to take a picture of Davis when they made the delivery so I could share the moment.

I think sending Davis a pie was one of the nicest presents I have ever had for my birthday.


  1. how fabulous!You are the best mom ever for going out of your way on your birthday to get Davis a pie!!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Great story! and I'll recommend them to my son, who also lives in Columbus!

  3. Way to go, Mom! It is a blessing to be a blessing. Happy Birthday, again!